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Creating a Strong Physician-Patient Relationship

An effective patient-provider relationship is the foundation of clinical care. Physicians at UCR Health value the importance of creating these relationships to provide the best treatment possible. Similar to many of our doctors, Dr. Mallory Stuparich’s patient philosophy is to strive for a team-based approach between herself and the patient where all treatment options are discussed.  

 key aspect of establishing a good relationship is solid communication and listening. Dr. Elizabeth Morrison-Banks’s goal is to be a good listener and to provide information in a way that empowers patients to take charge of their own health care. As a patient, your role is to speak up and ask questions when you have them. Having open and honest communication is essential to being on the same page with your physician and being a part of your treatment plan.

Dr. Nandini Gowda works to provide individualized treatment plans for her patients. She states, “every patient is unique, with their own challenges and special needs”. This collaboration is only possible when Essentially, teamwork between the patient and provider is the key to a successful and comprehensive treatment plan. Here at UCR Health, we are dedicated to making sure our physicians are reliable, trusting, and approachable to you as the patient.  

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