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Top 10 Reasons to Consider UCR Health for Your Healthcare

UCR Health exists to provide high-quality, patient-based care to the Inland Empire region. Our goal is to improve the health of the community, one patient at a time, by delivering compassionate and holistic healthcare to our diverse range of patients. 

Reasons to Consider UCR Health

Patient-Centered Care – Our patient care team works diligently to provide care in which the patient’s values guide all clinical decisions. Using this approach allows for a strong physician-patient relationship, allowing all your needs and preferences to be heard. 

Diversity & Inclusion – We ensure that each individual feels welcome, is treated with the utmost respect, and is well cared for. Emphasis is placed on providing culturally sensitive medical care to cater to our diverse range of patients.

Personalized Treatment – The team of health professionals at UCR Health go above and beyond to tailor treatment plans that fit a patient’s needs in order to provide a more effective outcome. 

Community Involvement – In order to advance our actions towards philanthropy, we have expanded our care to help the medically underserved populations of the Inland Empire.

Quality Care – Our team of board certified physicians are dedicated to improving the health of you and your loved ones by providing the highest-quality care. 

Holistic Care – At UCR Health, your healthcare is tailored to your medical, emotional, spiritual and social needs to comprehensively provide treatment. 

Convenient & Accessible – In order to accommodate our rapidly growing community, we have 6 clinics at various locations and over 30 top-quality physicians to provide you with the best care. 

University-Based Excellence – As the clinical arm of the School of Medicine at UCR, UCR Health aims to develop innovative healthcare programs and educate the community. Our team of physicians not only practice in the clinics, but also shape the future of education through teaching at the university. 

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