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Get Your Flu Shot at UCR Health!

Skip the fever, cough and runny nose this season, it’s time for your annual flu shot! 

What’s New?

According to the CDC, all influenza vaccines for the 2022-2023 season are quadrivalent vaccines. This means that they protect against four different flu viruses which include two influenza A viruses as well as two influenza B viruses. 

Additionally, there are many options to choose which flu vaccine you would like and how you you would like to get your vaccine:

Egg-Based VaccinesEgg-Free Vaccines
Standard Dose Flu Shot – 6 months and olderCell Based Flu Shot – 6 months and older
High Dose Flu Shot – 65 years and olderRecombinant Flu Shot – 18 years and older
Adjuvant Flu Shot – 65 years and older 
Nasal Spray Vaccine – 2 through 49 years old 

For more information on the type of vaccines and eligibility requirements visit: 

To schedule an appointment to receive your flu shot at UCR Health, click here or give us a call at 1-844-827-8000. 

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